About us

AnchorSure aims to provide all New Zealanders with financial products that are meaningful, affordable and easily accessible through innovative and secure distribution channels.
Our focus is to “fill the gap” by providing affordable products that are specifically designed and tailored for New Zealanders.

In order to achieve this, our products are developed in response to two basic questions:

  • What is needed?
  • And, how can we provide for that need?

By accurately responding to these questions, we are confident that we can add true value by ensuring that our products satisfy a need and are easily understandable, accessible and affordable.

“Although everyone can benefit from the security provided by insurance, not everyone has access to this facility. It is our obligation to attempt to ensure that all people can enjoy the benefits of a financially secure lifestyle.”

Anchorsure is to be known as a company that truly provides customer-value centric financial services.

Meet the team

Lynford Clarke


Lynford has over 30 years’ experience in the insurance industry. Positions he has held range from corporate appointments to successfully managing his own brokerages, underwriting company and claims handling company.

His qualifications include a post-graduate degree, as well as numerous diplomas including a diploma in insurance. Lynford is also currently an Associate with the IISA and an ANZIIF Certified Insurance Professional.

Areas of expertise include strong management abilities, underwriting, claims administration, new product development, and business development.


Member ID: 342926

Kevin Clarke


Kevin has experience of over 25 years in the insurance industry as a business owner. Starting off with a product, a phonebook and a desk in the living room he took his business from concept to a success serving thousands of people in South Africa. Kevin is a qualified and registered financial adviser.
Included in his skillset is claims administration, business growth, product performance and development. Bringing value to the market is at the center of his thinking as Kevin continually asks the question “what do people need?”

Contact Kevin for mortgage advice and insurance enquiries.


Email: kevin@anchorsure.co.nz

Clifford Clarke


Clifford holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Science (BSc), a New Zealand Diploma in Business Studies and the New Zealand Certificate in Financial Services for insurance and mortgage advising. He has experience in customer service, business analysis and LEAN implementation.

Clifford is focused on the management of the company as well as the development and implementation of systems that are value driven, efficient and provide all clients with a positive experience.

Contact Clifford for mortgages and insurance.


Mobile: 0275704292
Email: clifford@anchorsure.co.nz

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Get in touch with us at admin@anchorsure.co.nz or call 0800-111-564 for personalised help.