KiwiSaver could be the biggest investment decision you will make. We can help you get set up and on the right track.

Benefits of Using KiwiSaver

  • A forced savings plan that gets deducted before you see the money
  • Low maintenance and easy to manage
  • If you are employed, your employer is required to input a minimum of 3% of your gross income
  • Access to funds in times of significant financial hardship
  • You can withdraw your KiwiSaver funds for a first home purchase
  • By regularly contributing, you may be eligible for the KiwiSaver HomeStart grant which could contribute up to $10, 000 toward your deposit
  • A choice of funds to suit your risk tolerance and stage of life
  • An annual government contribution called a Member Tax Credit of up to $521.43
We are proud to be affiliated with the Generate KiwiSaver Scheme to get you set up and on the right track.

Generate are a New Zealand owned and operated KiwiSaver specialist. They have been awarded investment provider of the year for 2015 and 2016, received Gold Star Rating for 2016, 2017 and 2018 by SuperRatings and the Focused Growth and Conservative funds were the best performing funds in their respective categories for the period ending 31st May 2018.

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  • Generate Investment Management Limited is the issuer of the Generate KiwiSaver Scheme
  • A copy of the Generate KiwiSaver Product Disclosure Statement is available at
  • Past performance is not an indicator of future performance

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